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Only 2 minutes to activate your bracelet!

Read the QR code on the bracelet

Enter Your Mobile Number

Enter Your Received OTP

Enter Your Child's Information

The QR4YOU is activated and ready to use!

The QR bracelet is a great tool for identifying the child in case he gets lost. The QR code represents the online data sheet containing the child's health data, his name, surname and options for contacting parents or guardian.
Compared to bracelets without code, QR4YOU has no space limitations and hides the sensitive data of the child behind a scan.

The QR code on the bracelet can be scanned by any smartphone with a camera, 3G / 4G connection, using any QR code scanner application. Examples of QR applications "QR code scanner":
o QR code scanners set in the smartphone's camera
o Applications such as "QR scanner" or "QR reader"

To scan and to view a page with identification and health data, you need to have an active Internet connection or Wi-Fi.

At the first scan it is necessary to have valid mobile number and record the child's data.Thus the bracelet becomes personal and therefore identifiable.

Registration takes place immediately after the 1st scan.You will be offered the required fields (such as contact no., name, surname, age, etc.) and optional ones that you can add to your personal details (photos, health features, spoken languages, etc.) to complete the profile better.The data can be corrected or deleted at any time by entering from the personal account

The mandatory data are considered only those necessary to identify the child and to have immediate contact with the parents or guardian. The optional data are proposed to complete the profile.You can choose whether to make them visible to everyone, keep them in your account for emergency or leave them empty.

The account can only be managed by the person who has the login credentials (with registered mobile number).

In the case of loss of the child, the person who finds him has the opportunity to immediately help him find the parents (responsible). By scanning with any smartphone, the "saver" displays the identification data of the child, his health status and has 4 ways to contact the parent (responsible): Send SMS, Send geolocation with the message via WhatsApp, call the parent at the main telephone number, call the parent at the alternative telephone number.

Yes, the silicone with which they are produced is certified according to RoHS 2002/95 / EC, which establishes a test process in order to verify the quantities in mg / kg of harmful substances (such as Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, hexavalent Chromium, PBB and PBDE). These tests have shown that the amount of these potentially harmful substances is so low that they are not even detectable by analysis machines.
The QR bracelets are therefore absolutely safe, tested and certified so as not to cause any harm to children's health.

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